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Improving appearances...one woman at a time!

Holistic Beauty = Healthy Skin

Did you know that the health and perceived age of your skin is tied -- not only to your skincare habits -- but also to your diet, your stress levels and your lifestyle?

As a licensed esthetician for many years, I have been fascinated by the role that nutrition and lifestyle play with regard to the skin. My passion for wellness information led me to enroll in a nutrition program primarily for personal and professional enrichment. In that regard, I have received my certificate as a Holistic Health Coach.

Holistic health and beauty considers lifestyle

and nutrition as interconnected components.

Dietary choices are often linked to a client's

skin condition, which means that the function

of the skin can be improved both topically

as well as internally.

Some examples:

  • Sugar consumption contributes to the breakdown of collagen
  • Diets high in salt, alcohol and caffeine may be the cause of dehydrated skin
  • Stress increases cortisol levels which is known to aggravate acne
  • Spicy foods, hot beverages and wine are responsible for the flare-ups associated with rosacea
  • Water is essential to maintaining the skin's elasticity and suppleness
  • And much more

Due to my participation in the health coaching program, I have some really great resources available to me. When deemed appropriate, I am happy to share information and knowledge with my clientele for their own enlightenment. Often times, I use my holistic health education in tandem with skin care analysis and guidance.