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Do you just need to clean-up a few strays?

Are you noticing hair growth in new places?

Would you like to have your eyebrows permanently and professionally shaped?

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Frequently asked electrolysis questions...


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I have hair on my chin and the skin looks stained. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Staining of the skin commonly results from the dark hair that is visible underneath the skin. Other times, it is the skin's response to constant irritation caused by threading, shaving and other temporary removal methods. After these bothersome hairs are permanently removed, the skin will lighten and return to a normal appearance.

Is it safe to have electrolysis when a woman is pregnant?

Yes, it is completely safe for pregnant women when electrolysis is performed using shortwave/thermolysis equipment. Although the electrolysis machine is powered from an electrical source (like a hair dryer or appliance), it actually uses heat to destroy the hair root. This heat is localized to the hair follicle and does not travel through the body.

Can you fix my eyebrows so that they will look better?

I will professionally shape your eyebrows so that they are evenly spaced with a beautiful appearance. Clients very often tell me how they receive compliments on their eyebrows after they have been permanently shaped by me. :)

I've had laser hair removal on my face and now I am finding more hairs than I had before! Can you help me?

You are not alone. I've been seeing more women at my office who have been experiencing the same issue. Fortunately, these new laser-induced hairs can be easily eliminated with electrolysis.

Does electrolysis hurt?

Everyone experiences the sensation of electrolysis differently, and each area of the body has varying sensitivity. Most women comment that the treatments range from slightly bothersome to somewhat annoying. Numbing creams are available for clients who prefer to use them.

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