I choose NOT to offer laser hair removal...

Through the years, various laser hair manufacturers have contacted me with the hope that I would be interested in providing laser hair removal treatments to my clientele. While I have tried to keep an open mind about this technology, I continue to question both the safety of laser hair removal and its purported end result. Furthermore, I find it troubling that very little training is required to operate one of these powerful machines.

Safety issues...

Laser hair removal is a relatively young technology, so it is too soon to know the consequences of repeated treatments. The word LASER is an acronym with the "R" standing for "radiation." How many times can a single area to exposed to the laser without causing cellular damage? "Recent data suggest that adjacent skin structures are often affected by laser irradiation and the long term effect of this constitutes an unknown risk." In addition, the laser may cause harm to the teeth and gums when it penetrates the thin skin of the lip. It should never be performed near the eye area. Side effects have included, "damage to the iris, inflammation of the interior eye and irreversible cataract."


Laser sounds like a good "quick fix," but there is limited data as to how long the results will last and how often it is successful. Multiple treatments at regular intervals may increase effectiveness, but consumers may reach a point of diminishing returns where the incremental improvement is not worth the cost of the treatment. Additionally, many women who have had laser treatments on their faces are distressed to discover laser-induced new hair growth. This phenomenon is known as hypertrichosis. Due to deceptive advertising, the public have been misled to believe that laser hair removal is permanent. The FDA has only approved one method for permanent hair removal...and that method is electrolysis!

In conclusion...

I am proud of my work and wholeheartedly believe in electrolysis as the only safe and truly permanent for of hair removal. There is no doubt that the addition of laser services to my office would generate quick profits with less work on my part. However, my personal conviction has always been to "do unto my clients as I would do unto my daughters" and, as of now, laser is not a technology that I am willing to embrace. Contact.

Why I do not offer laser treatments...


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To practice permanent hair removal to the best of my ability for the good of my clients without causing them harm.

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