As an expert in the electrolysis field, I am proud to be the "go to" electrologist. I am often contacted by my fellow electrologist peers when they are in need of their own permanent hair removal treatments. It is a wonderful compliment to be known as the "electrologist's electrologist!"

I encourage new clients to come in for a complimentary consultation. It is my firm belief that an understanding of the process is an important beginning to successful electrolysis treatment.  You will learn why electrolysis works, how it differs from other hair removal methods and the reason it is still considered to be the only truly permanent method of hair removal...yes, even after laser! During the consultation, your growth pattern will be evaluated for the purpose of determining an appropriate and realistic treatment schedule. 

You need not feel embarrassed nor ashamed about your unwanted hair growth or the various measures you have taken to deal with it. Rest assured that you will always be treated respectfully and in a non-judgmental manner. I have been doing electrolysis for a very long time and have helped many women feel better about their appearances.

With regard to client safety, I work exclusively with sterile disposable probes of varying sizes and materials. After a thorough evaluation of your skin and hair type, an appropriate probe will be selected for your specific condition. Throughout the course of your treatment your skin will be monitored with regard to sensitivity and reaction. My ultimate goal is to properly remove your unwanted hairs while protecting the integrity of your skin.

Electrolysis is a time-tested method of permanent hair removal with an excellent track record for both safety and results. You will never regret having electrolysis, only that you didn't do it sooner!


Master Electrologist

Licensed Holistic Esthetician


As a Certified Electrologist for over 30 years, I have developed a special technique which combines speed and skill to deliver outstanding permanent hair removal results in the shortest time possible.

It is immensely rewarding for me to help woman feel better about themselves as well as to see their self-confidence and self-esteem improve as their treatments progress. Satisfied clients often refer their friends and family members to me for electrolysis. I am flattered by the mothers who bring their teenage daughters to my office for treatment. This is a wonderful measure of their trust and confidence in my abilities.  

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